Wholesome Nursery – Nursery Design Services

Wholesome Nursery – Nursery Design Services

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Design made for a healthier and 

safer home…no matter where you’re located!

We Specialize in Designing Eco-Friendly, Holistic Nurseries & Interiors

Your baby deserves an environment that’s beautiful, healthy, toxin-free and nurtures their development. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or style to have a wholesome home!  Contact us today to learn about our online nursery design services


Nursery Design At Its Best

Create an Interior Safe Haven

We’ve helped our clients move from feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed with their baby nursery…

…to having a baby room they call an interior safe haven that’s beautiful, has better indoor air quality and is safer.

Their families are healthier, have fewer health issues, and sleep much better.

Learn Our Story

A Premier Online Boutique and Design Studio with a Mission to Create Healthier, Eco-Friendly Homes & Nurseries

Our Founder turned her own frustration of not being able to find non-toxic, beautiful products to decorate her home and years of research into a company.

Now, she’s helping others create beautiful, non-toxic homes!


Our Nursery Design Packages



Basic services for a custom nursery design for those who require a lower touch process and less support.



Extensive high touch design services similar to working with a traditional interior designer for a custom nursery design.


Contact For Pricing

Have unique needs? Perhaps you want to work with us in-person, or maybe you don’t need a full room design but instead want a room refresh, or you simply have questions or just need product or design advice. We’re happy to help and offer a solution that works for your particular situation.

Our Online Nursery Design Process


Strategy Session

On this call, we will get to know you and learn more about your vision for your project including reviewing any inspiration photos. We’ll also outline our process and answer your questions.


Style Assessment

We’ll work with you to complete a personalized interior design style assessment that takes the guesswork out of finding your true unique design style DNA.


Design Review

We’ll turn your vision and inspiration into a customized design that you can review and make revisions by approving and rejecting selections using our online platform.


Finalize and Shop

We’ll provide a product shopping list and can manage the ordering, purchasing and shipping process. You’ll receive an implementation guide outlining how and where to place everything.

more than decor

Wholesome design = gorgeous + Healthy

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